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Non-Metallic Group

 Since 1999 GSI Deputy for Exploration has accomplished exploration activities throughout the country in two phases, Regional Systematic Exploration and thematic Exploration.

geology studies of this project are carried out in Exploration Management with cooperation of four exploration groups.

Activities in Previous Years

Non-metallic group has cooperation in reconnaissance and exploration of non-metallic minerals.This group since its foundation has been able to explore some non-metallic minerals such as bauxite, phosphate, potash, sodium sulfate, alunite, perlit and zeolite up to exploitation stage.



Non-metallic group activities in 2001

Non-metallic group has started exploration activities since 2001 on the following projects:

1- Exploration of Igneous phosphate-Rare Earth elements in Gazestan area

2- Exploration of Qarehgol type boron

3- Exploration and prospecting the Rare Earth elements and precious minerals in granitoids and pegmatite rocks It is to be noted that this group has had cooperation with the other groups in other projects such as regional exploration and gold exploration.
Physical Progress of the Foreseen Exploration Projects by the Non-metallic Group in 2001
Igneous phosphate-Rare Earth elements Exploration project in Gazestan area (Bafq):
1- Gazestan phosphate ore deposit is located in 54 km of north Bafq city near Gazestan village.
2- Apatite mineralization occurs as Apatite and magnetite lens, veins and nodules, in strongly chloritized pyroxenite mafic diabas.
3-The rate of P2O5 in this ore deposit varies between 3 to 38%.
4-The rate of Rare Earth elements in apatite mineral is more than 1.5%, which shows high economic value.
5-Studies carried out in semi-detailed phase shows that tens MT ores with 10-15% mean grade of P2O5 and tents Rare Earth Elements are predictable in this ore deposit. Comparing to Esfordi, it can be considered as a phosphate-Rare Earth Elements ore deposit with rather more reserve.
Physical Progress of the accomplished Exploration Projects by the Non-metallic Group in 2001
Exploration and prospecting Rare Metallic Elements and Precious minerals
1- Prospecting Rare Elements and Precious minerals started in 2001.
2- Exploration activities started on more than 50 granituid outcrops, with probable potential, and mafic-ultramafic alkali complex rocks in central


During implementing exploration programme in this zone, 9 sheet maps on 1:100/000 scales are studies as follows;

1- Qazvin sheet
2- Takestan sheet
3- Abhar sheet
4- Zanjan sheet
5- Jirandeh sheet
6- Tarom sheet
7- Hashtjin s heet
8- Javahrdeh sheet
9- Roudbar


Physical Progress of the accomplished Projects by the Non-metallic Group in 2002
1- Prospecting and studying the geological sections for exploration of boron in an area more than 850km2 in Mahneshan and Takab have been carried out
2- Digging trench in this project is totally 83m
3- Up-to-date exploration methods have been practically used in the field
4- During exploration activities some considerable mineral indexes were defined in the study area


Applied   exploitation  from  geological  maps  in  constructive  projects


 For  the  reason  that  geological  maps  are  considered  as  basic  maps , have  the  basic  roles  in  various  constructive  and  applied .
Engineer  Alireza   Shahidi, stratigraphy  group  manager  of   GSI  in  dialogue  with  the  reporter  of  news  group  of  this  organization  stated: surveying  maps  of  1:250,000  has  been  finished  that  are  from   the  oldest  maps  and  also  will  be  finished  surveying  the  maps  of  1:100,000  that  cover  the  most  parts  of  Iran  until  the  end  of  this  year .
He  informed  preparing  the  maps  of  1:25,000  in  two  areas  of  Abali  and  Lavasan  and  pointed  out  that  the  aim  of  preparing    maps  of  1:25,000  is  that  this  maps  be  published  layer  by  layer  until  the  end  of  this  year .
Mr  Shahidi  stated  that  geological  maps  are  used  basically  in  dam  construction  projects , road , agricultural  ministry , Ministry  of  Roads  and  Transportation , oil  ministry  and  the  other  organs  and  emphasized :
Preparing  geological  maps  has  been  benefited  very  much  from  the  experts  of  this  organization  and  retired  experts  and  also  the  organization  has  taken  advantage  from  the  foreign  experts  in  the  extent  of  vote  taking .
Stratigraphy  group  manager  of  geological  survey  of  Iran  said :
Recently  the  activity  of  preparing  the  maps  of  1:25,000  and  1:50,000  has  been  deposited  to  private  section  and  also  universities  have  had  applied  activity  in  high  level  about  accomplishment  of  thesis , researches , searches .
He  pointed  to  close  interaction  of  stratigraphy  group  and  the  organization  laboratories  and  emphasized:
In  study  of  the  area  by  experts  on  land , moreover  that  the  samples  are  brought  to  the  laboratories  for  age  measuring  of  sedimentary  layers , kind  and  type  of  samples  igneous  rocks  are  distinguished  too .
Mr  shahidi  added :  the  samples  that  are  taken  into  consideration   for  dating , are  sent  to  paleontology  group  that  after  distinguishing  involved  thin  sections  in  it  and  recognizing  kind  of  them  in  different  parts  of  chemistry  laboratory , finally , the  reports  result  come  enclosure  in  geological  maps .          

Iran, Khorassan and Eastern and western Azerbaijan.
3- During field work more than 350 samples were sent to the GSI Laboratories in order to be analyzed the Rare Earth Elements by different methods (ICP-XRF-XRD).
Meanwhile, 100 samples were also sent abroad for analyzing the Rare Earth Elements.
4- Up to the present time %50 of fieldwork and 50% of the laboratory and office work of this project have been accomplished.
The preliminary report of this project will be submitted early 2002.

Non-metallic Group under Implementation Projects in 2001

Considering the foreseen Geological and Mineral Exploration programme, for completing regional exploration in 20 foreseen zones during 2002, the Non-metallic group will have activity in Tarom zone.

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