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Environmental Geology Group

Duties of environmental geology group

1- Establishment of interorganizational standards to adjust the exploration and industrial activities with environmental standards.

2- Studying standard models and patterns of the world standard in order to study environmental geology and establish data national base if it is possible to access it in two ways of electronic and normal.

3- Preparing EIA reports (evaluation of environmental effects) for any big and independent project of exploration scale and searching minerals and industrial estates.

4- Limit determination of field and limen and critical concentration boundary for various pollutants of water and soil in mineral activities.

5-Studying source and concentration extent of heavy metallic pollutants in the country according to provision base line diffusion maps.

6- Determination of standards in management of redundant materials rejection and placement of litter burial in large metropolises considering geological condition and lands efficiency in any area.

7-Preparing environmental geology atlases with standard and suitable scale including informational layers: geomedicine and lands efficiency

8- Natural hazards include of slops stability, period of torrents relapse, seismic and so on.

9- Diffusion of elements include of heavy metallic pollutants and base elements

 Extracurricular activities include of:

  •  Taking part in creditable seminars of domestic and foreign
  • Foundation of training workshops 

  Link to environmental geology science


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