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ALVEOLINA d'Orbigny, 1826


Type species: Oryzaria boscii Defrance, in Bronn, 1825 (*418), p. 44; SD H. Douvillé, 1907 (*984), p. 585 (ICZN Z.N.(S.) 2356, petition pending).Alveolina d'Orbigny, 1826 ( *2303 ), p. 306 ( nom. conserv. , ICZN Z.N.(S.) 2356. petition pending).Fasciolites Parkinson, 1811 (*2355), p. 158 (no species originally included); type species: Fasciolites elliptica Sowerby. 1840 (*3045), p. 329; SD(SM) (nom. reject., ICZN Z.N.(S.) 2356, petition pending).Alveolites Defrance. 1816 (*917), p. 136 (non Alveolites Lamarck, 1801): type species: Alveolites larva Defrance, 1816: OD(M).Oryzaria Defrance. in Bronn. 1825 (*418), p. 30: type species: Oryzaria boscii Defrance. in Bronn, 1825; OD(M) (nom. reject.. ICZN Z.N.(S.) 2356, petition pending).Flosculina Stache, 1880 (*3056), p. 199 (name not avail-able, ICZN Art. 12 (a). no description).

Alveolina (Flosculina) Schwager, 1883 (*2832), p. 102; type species: Alveolina (Flosculina) decipiens Schwager, 1883; SD Galloway, 1933 (*1205), p. 151 (Flosculina foliacea Stache, 1880. designated as type species by Yabe and Hanzawa. 1929. *3410, p. 180, was a nomen nudum, and not among the species included when the genus was validated by description; Alveolina sub-pvrenaica var. globosa Leymerie, 1844. designated by Cushman, 1928, *747, p. 226. also was not among the original species included: hence Galloway's designa­tion is valid).Flosculina (Semiflosculina) Doncieux, 1905 ( *968), p. 124;no species named in original publication; type species:Alveolina (Flosculina) decipiens Schwager, 1883: here designated.

Alveolina (Fasciolites) A. Silvestri, 1928 (*2960), p. 35 (nom. transl.).Alveolina (Eoalveolinella) A. Silvestri, 1928 (*2960), p. 35; type species: Alveolina violae Checchia-Rispoli, 1905 (*548), p. 165; OD(M).Borelis (Fasciolites) Yabe and Hanzawa, 1929 (*3410),p. 180 I nom. transl.).Borelis (Alveolina) Yabe and Hanzawa, 1929 (*3410),p. 181 (nom. transl.).Borelis (Flosculina) Yabe and Hanzawa, 1929 (*3410), p. 180 (nom. transl.).

Flosculina (Checchiaites) Sorrentino, 1935 (*3029), p. 137 (name not available. ICZN Art. 13(b), no type species designated).Flosculina (Checchiaites) Thalmann. 1936 (*3155), p. 312(validated by designation of type species): type species:Flosculina daunica Checchia-Rispoli, 1912 (*550), p. 108:OD.

Fasciolites (Microfasciolites) Gaemers, 1978 (*1202), p. 51: type species: Oryzaria boscii Defrance, in Bronn, 1825 (*418), p. 44; OD (nom. reject., ICZN Z.N.(S.) 2356, petition pending).Test ellipsoidal to fusiform or cylindrical, rarely spherical, coiling irregular in early stage of microspheric generation but regular through-out megalospheric generation, chambers rap-idly increasing in width in successive whorls to result in progressive elongation of the test, numerous septula perpendicular to the sep­tum and outer wall form many small chamber-lets that alternate in position in successive chambers, several inner whorls may have extreme basal thickening of the wall that fills most of the chamber lumen, preseptal and postseptal passages present; aperture consisting of two rows of openings in the apertural face, alternating in position. U. Paleocene to U. Eocene; Europe; Asia; Africa.

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