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 Order FORAMINIFERIdA Eichwald, 1830

ForaminiferIda T. L. Jahn and F. L. Jahn, 1949 (*1598), p. 128, nom. con pro Order Foraminifera.
Foraminifera Eichwald, 1830 (*1083), p. 21. Foraminifera Claparéde and Lachmann, 1859 (*613), p. 432.
Foraminiferiae Delage and Hérouard, 1896 ( *926), p. 107 (subclass).
Foraminifera Calkins. 1909 (*477A), p. 38 (subclass). Foraminiferae Chatton, 1925 (*547), p. 76 (Order). RhizopodophycIdae Rothmaler, 1951 (*2652), p. 260
Foraminifera Marks. 1951 (*2043), p. 377 (subOrder). Arforaminiferia Rhumbler, 1913 (*2621), p. 341 (subOrder). Scytinascia Deلk, 1964 (*905), p. 97, 103 (group). Foraminifereda Bovee, 1970 (*321), p. 179 (superOrder). Foraminifera Margulis. 1974 (*2029A), fig. 4 on p. 61. p. 70
Foraminifera Mikhalevich. 1980(*2108), p. 53 (subphylum). Calcifera Mikhalevich. 1980 (*2108), p. 55 (superclass). RotalioIda Mikhalevich. 1980 (**2108), p. 58 (superOrder).
Cytoplasmic body enclosed in test or shell of one or more interconnected chambers; wall may be homogeneous or of similar or unlike layers or laminae, may be imperforate or finely to coarsely perforate, basically proteinaceous but may have agglutinated parti­cles, or may deposit the mineral calcite, aragonite, or rarely silica on the organic base, calcareous wall may be porcelaneous, micro-granular, or hyaline and optically or ultra-structurally radiate or granular; canal or stolon systems of varied complexity may be present; commonly test has one or more main apertures through which pseudopodia protrude. Sex­ual and asexual generations alternate, or one generation may be suppressed; gametes biflagellate, triflagellate, or amoeboId. Free-living or rarely parasitic; benthic and attached or motile, or pelagic, in marine to brackish water, rare in fresh water. Cambrian to Holocene.
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