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Head :M. Korei
Clerk :Dr. M. Ghorashi
Common :Dr. M H. Emami
Chapter title :Papers
Data title : Analyzing Geological Survey of Iran’s (GSI) Organizational Structure With a Proposed Ideal Model


Analyzing Geological Survey of Iran’s (GSI) Organizational Structure With a Proposed Ideal Model

By: T. Roshandel Arbatani*,   A. Gharagozlou**,    H. Khastar *,   A. Aazami*

Received: 2008 August 27                               Accepted: 2008 December 01


Organizational structure, along with goals, human resources and technology, is among the major elements of an organization. Hence, its study and analysis lead to more fundamental transformations and finally increase of organizational capabilities.

In current research, organizational structure of Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) is studied and analyzed, aiming to identify the GSI status quo and provide it with an ideal structural model. To achieve desirable goals, an extensive literature review has been carried out. Then, a qualitative research methodology has been adopted and relevant data have been collected. All data have been triangulated using three different procedures: library research, conducting interviews with GSI skilled experts and studying on the organizational structures of 45 geological surveys. The comparative study on the structures of geological surveys has shown that the average number of levels in organizational hierarchy is 3.08 and the average number of major departments at the top organizational level is 6.4. These numbers for GSI  a re respectively 3 and 11.  Furthermore, about 78% of geological surveys in the world use functional departmentation.

With the help of the findings of this study, an adhocratic organizational structure has been suggested for GSI. Furthermore, some changes have been proposed to the current structure of GSI, such as separation of institutional and technical sections and use of matrix departmentation for project-based departments. To practically enjoy new structure, some changes to the nature of financial processes and establishment of a project management center for coordination of activities in project-based and functional departments have been suggested too.

Keywords: Organizational Structure, Geological Survey of Iran, Matrix departmentation, Adhocracy.

*Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

** Geological Survey of Iran, Tehran, Iran.



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