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Head :M. Korei
Clerk :Dr. M. Ghorashi
Common :Dr. M H. Emami
Chapter title :Papers
Data title : Aftershock Analysis of the 2005 November 27 Qeshm Island Earthquake (Zagros - Iran)


Aftershock Analysis of the 2005 November 27 Qeshm Island Earthquake (Zagros - Iran)

By: A. Gholam Zadeh*  &   F. Yamini-Fard٭

Received: 2007 April 07     Accepted: 2008 February 23


A moderate earthquake (MW= 6.0) struck the Qeshm Island in the Hormozgan province on November 27, 2005 (17:22 GMT) and resulted in a severe damage and about 10 casualties. The main-shock was followed by an aftershock with magnitude MW=5.5 with different focal mechanisms from main-shock. A dense local network including 17 stations was installed in the region for aftershock study. Analysis of aftershock data shows diffuse distribution of the aftershocks; however, an alignment trending NW consistent with main shock focal mechanism is clear at depth. Two types of focal mechanisms can be observed: strike-slip and reverse. Diffused pattern of aftershock seismicity and focal mechanisms do not allow us to make a distinction between two possible explanations: occurrence of the second event in NW oriented strike-slip fault or partitioning of the deformation in the western border of the Hormoz Straight by reverse and left-lateral strike-slip faults.

Key words: Qeshm- Island, Aftershock, Dence local network, Hormoz straight, Focal mechanisms

*International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES),Tehran, Iran



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