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1 - Dear GSI, I would like to enquire as to what is the significance of studying geology and it\\\’s relation to landslide. I have heard many times of engineers who normally says geology is not important and that what is important is the engineering aspect of the rock and NOT geology. I am confused now and thus my email to you. Thanks Jim   Response Count 0
2 - I am doing research on mineral deposits in western Iran and northeast Iraq, and I am looking to find out which minerals and metals are mined in western Iran, specifically the Azerbayjan-e Gharbi, Kordestan, and Kermanshah Provinces. I read in a U.S.G.S. study that there are numerous base-metal deposits in northeast Iraq, near the border with Iran, but could not find any details of base-metal mines or deposits in that area. How would I be able to find such data? Sincerely, Tom Hutton +1-202-661-6358   Response Count 1
3 - How may we please obtain a copy of the following article in any language? Geosciences, Vol. 12, No. 53, 2004, p. 74-87 (Khosrou & Afghah, "Microbiostratigraphy and Micorfacies Study of the Tarbur Formation in Northeast and Southeast of Shiraz" The Research Investment, Inc. 20600 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 650 Cleveland, OH 44122 USA fax: 216-752-0330   Response Count 1
4 - Have you got any map on Reko Diq area in Pakistan. The area between Iran, Pakistan and Afganistan. It is in the contineous of copper belt of Iran   Response Count 0
5 - I would like to get more information about faults of Hamedan city. I am researching on Faults speicially in Hamedan city.Could you please send me information asasp.   Response Count 0
6 - Could you help me please, where are barite (BaSO4) mining places in Africa? Can I find a detailed map somewhere? (We faced this question when tried to identify migratory pathways of protected birds...) Thank you, Judit V.   Response Count 0
7 - hi I\\\'m looking for some mines (pumice & Perlite ) and their stracture .   Response Count 0
8 - What is PPB stand for   Response Count 1
9 - where do miliolid,nummilit,and quinqueloculin live?   Response Count 0
10 - What is the lithography of tarbour formation?   Response Count 0
11 - What is the relation between CO2 solubility and temperture in rhyolitic melts?   Response Count 0
12 - We are expecting a quotation from your company for supplying this Clinker and gypsum. It will be appreciated by US $ if your quotations include the following: 1. Please send me your catalogue your products, a price list, terms of payment. 2. FOB - C&F Prices.   Response Count 1
14 - What was Pangea?   Response Count 1
15 - What instruments, tools, and methods do you use to study volcanoes?   Response Count 0
16 - please guide me about heat transfer in depth 1 m in earth. an method of determination of thermal conductivity of difrent clay.   Response Count 1
17 - can you tell me that how is gold formed in nature?   Response Count 2
18 - Where is the point on Earth that is furthest below sea level on land?   Response Count 1
19 - Can all magma, the melt, be considered a glass?   Response Count 1
20 - Could Opportunity Find Life on Mars?   Response Count 1
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