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Subject :  Minerals in Northeast Iran
Full Text : I am doing research on mineral deposits in western Iran and northeast Iraq, and I am looking to find out which minerals and metals are mined in western Iran, specifically the Azerbayjan-e Gharbi, Kordestan, and Kermanshah Provinces. I read in a U.S.G.S. study that there are numerous base-metal deposits in northeast Iraq, near the border with Iran, but could not find any details of base-metal mines or deposits in that area. How would I be able to find such data? Sincerely, Tom Hutton +1-202-661-6358
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Insert Date :  8 Tuesday March 2011  1:35
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Subject :  Answer!
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Dear Mr. Tom Hutton thutton

You can find some beneficial information about minerals in NE of Iran through the GSI portal , in the article and the reports sections.If you will need more info please contact via follow email:

Insert Date :  8 Tuesday March 2011  1:49
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