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  Economic Geology
The history of economic geology of Iran
Author : Mansour ghorbani
Publisher date : July 2002
Chapter title : Chapter 8 -Prospect of mineral material in Iran and Worldwide trade
Data title : 8-8-Cu Trade and its future prospect

Although Cu Market has been well in 30 past years but it is in last second millennium years and Cu industry due to increase of pure Cu production and financial crisis in Asia and weeks demand years but it is appeared from middle of 99 and by entrance to third millennium by increase in Cu Price and it is appeared in this industries. Basical Improvement demand in U.S.A by passing from 97, especially in southern Furnace and Taiwan are from most important reasons for Cu price In current conditions, copper is used for many mineral companies and its price is always with basical role in benefit and deficit and or more vital in most of mineral companies  which is involved by Cu industry. Anticipation and control of prices ban be used for mining and industry men in long-term programming for control and production and protection of mineral companies which is involved to Cu Industry.

Anticipation and price control can be used for recognition of effective factors on price changes. Production increase in period of 1996-99 and also decrease in global consumption growth and it result in creating of a supplement that it has been continued with price decrease. Most important factors are:

1-      Amount of demand and request balance

2-      Amount of pure Cu reservoir (global markets, producers and consumers) and Fe in reservoir consumption.

3-      Internal impure production growth and industrial productions.

Undoubtedly with reservoir trend (global markets, producers and consumers) and rate of reservoir consumption has role in price change. Production increase has been followed in period of 1996-99.

By survey of reserving trend (global market, producers and consumers) and consumption reservoir rate results from follow results:

-             By increase in reservoir rate, decrease in Cu price and on the contrary of that by consumption rate, price is increased.

-             Cu Price has direct relation to amount of reserving, as it is decreased by increase in Cathode Cu Reservoir and price of Ca is declined.

It is mentioned that in future years by increase in reservoir amount and prices are increased consequently but in this time, it will be slow due to increase in reservoir consumption and trend of price growth.

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