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  Economic Geology
The history of economic geology of Iran
Author : Mansour ghorbani
Publisher date : July 2002
Chapter title : Chapter 7 - Status of mining technology in Iran
Data title : 7-5-Mineral resources Production Technology

Metal production from an ore is done usually in a two stage process. In most of Co, Cu, Cr, Fe, Ni, Pb, Zn, Mo, Mn are concentrated and their grade is increased with respect to Standards. Pb, Zn and Ca concentrate in Iran is a relatively industry and there are several Pb, Zn and Cu concentrate factory. Construction of most mechanical facilities and its knowledge science is present.

Metallic ores production

Fe and Mn ore concentrate is common in Iran and it passes its evoLoution way and so far it is done in some mines. Moreover it is done for iron ore deposit for melting and apatite is produced from an ore. Nevertheless technical and produced industry and titan Ore Concentrate, Cr and many mineral materials are in Iran yet. 

Minerals and industrial rocks technology and their production

Most of industrial mineral are needed rather than metals with less production. Production of this mineral is mainly limited to their full grade. Some industrial minerals are like sand and grovel only with need to graded bedding leaching. Here we pay to production in some of industrial and their technological level.

Mineral powders: in this field, is one of producers and well-known in the world, both chemical quality and both needed machine white color is mainly constructed inside of that and sometimes in other countries, some similar lines are initiated.

Some of these mineral materials are: Mica, Tak, Barite, Koalinite, benthonite. Halite, limestone and primary mineral material is used for drilling of oil and gas drilling.

Primary material for preparation of found casts:

Siliceous and benthonite sand: mechanical tools with produced progressions are constructed. Only, in designing of hydrous systems, we need to many exercises which is done by supporting of inner producers. So we are getting experience with high intensity magnetic separator.

Primary material in tile, glass and types of ceramic:

It is in primary crushing is internal machine. Big hammers are made in Iran (Jaw, Cubit and can various types). Secondary machines are made in Iran too and even in designing of primary material ceramic are with technologic.

Primary material and refractory industry products:

Produced machine, baking and forming cop to 1400 tone is pressure) in Iran is designed. Moreover crushing machine, iron-removing of calcinations furnace is mineral material appearance with forming is prepared in the country. Brick production machine and other refractory materials are produced in Iran. There is only a high problem upper 160°C.

Types of salts: designing of construction of all salt types is such as edible and industrial salt is feasible in the country. Line designing of NoSO4 is feasible as a important primary material in detergent industries in Iran and only in construction of measurement tools yet.

Chemical-mineral Industries

Base of this industry is based on chemical methods based on convert of a mineral material or non-consumed and or convert to mineral material. We have to enter non-metallic mineral material (table 8-2).

As it is said that base of these industries is on production of a mineral material to a mineral (material id with low consumption and or non-consumed.

Industrial soils Production Technology

Production and exploitation from industrial soils in the country is id suitable conditions. Production technological and industrial soils are extending in refractory industries, ceramic is extending and we do not need to much purchases.

Production and extraction of metal from ore

Extraction technology and metal produce is more expensive and complex in comparison to production.

Iran is present currently in technical science and industry of Fe, Cu, Pb, Zn, Au and Al from ore in their concentrate. In this trend, science and Ferrochrome production are industrial, ferromanganese and ferromolybdenum. Regarding what it is said in Chapter 6, it is considered in Iran, regarding many other metals such as Ti, Cr, An, … and there is no technical science and their extraction industry is not present in the country and or between production and amount of reservoir.

Here we pay to some extraction technology:

Fe and Steel

Production of a part of mechanical facilities and establishments for direct reduction and steel 1:100 direct reduction high furnace (Meybod high furnace, vertical plan, Zamzam plan)

-             Technical science by method of direct reduction (Vertical)

-             Construction of mechanical facilities in arc furnaces.

-             Technical science for alloy steels in steel Co in Iran Alloy (this unit is a member of modern steel alloy in the world

-             Technical science in production of a major path from refractory materials

-             Technical Science in production and construction of mechanical facilities.


 Ferrochrome production method depends on mineral chromite. In Iran, chromite Faryab Co. is as a body by an usual method with full carbon ferrochrome which is global in standard level from cost, consumption energy and reconstruction coefficient.


There are many Cu production Type for melting refinement and production of types of Cu Products. Cu Extraction in Iran is produced after concentration of and melting of floatation and melting in furnaces, finally in two Copper Methods. Catode Cu is formed from a sulfide Ore and also production of Cu from oxide Ore in method of leaching by scattering of HSO4 son hills composed of CuO ore. Currently, national Co. of Iran has many plans for industry development of Cu. For example:

-             Two concentration phases for Sarcheshmeh Cu for production of 182000 tone in concentrate.

-             Khatoon Abad Refinement Site for production of 80000 tone from Cu Catode per year.

-             Two concentration phases for Sungun for production of 180000 tone concentrated and also melting factory, for Sungun for production of 50000 tone in Anode Cu per year.


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