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  Economic Geology
The history of economic geology of Iran
Author : Mansour ghorbani
Publisher date : July 2002
Chapter title : Chapter 6 -Mineral materials and their position in Iran and the world
Data title : 6-9-3 Status of antimony in Iran

Since more than 15 mineral deposits and signs of Antimony is known that if only three active mining of antimony in there. Meanwhile, the Iranian, required large amounts of antimony their imports from other countries. Iran only in 1377, about 45 thousand tons of antimony ore is produced.
Antimony deposits in three areas of focus are the following:

Qorveh region, Bijar, Takab (Dashkasan antimony deposits, Moghanlou, Aq Valley and...)

Region of Central Iran (antimony deposits, Turkmen and...)

Ferdows region, Kashmar and Torbat (Red Mountain antimony deposits, brine, , head Negin,

Torbat, Qsan and...)

In a sum, according to studies done on these signs and mineral deposits, the reserve deposits of about 300 thousand tons is estimated.

Table 6-33 Comparison of statistics of production reservoirs, Iran and world trade in antimony
Of the world

Export Resources Reservoirs Production (1) Imports (2) production reservoirs imports exports sources
2 , 4 million tons 92,013 tons fifth thousand million tons 73,27 6 , 62 thousand tons 300 thousand tons of antimony ore five quarters in the year 77 thousand tons, 553 tons per year 78,500 tons - tons per year

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