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  Economic Geology
The history of economic geology of Iran
Author : Mansour ghorbani
Publisher date : July 2002
Chapter title : Chapter 4 -States, belts, and mining and Metallogenic areas in Iran
Data title : 4-11 Metallogeny state to northeast Iran (Taknar and Sabzevar Metallogeny Belts)

area to northeast state of desert south of the great fault (Doruneh faults) and faults to the north Neyshabur - Torbat is enclosed. In fact, this state, to form the trapezoidal block bin Binalud zones, and loot Alborz Torbat and cities, Kashmar, Bardaskan, Neyshabur, Sabzevar, anymore to be included and the desert areas south of Semnan continue Damghan be (Figure 4-14).
The state’s general view of the geological and Metallogeny, two belts can be desert - and Taknar divided into Sabzevar. Before describing these two belts, the first reference is to some fault in this state are Metallogeny.

Miami Sabzevar fault zone from the zone that separates to East Alborz. The fault parallel and fault Doruneh north of it. The process of fault, NE - South West and continue it, Neyshabur - Torbat that trend northwest - southeast there. This fault zone separates the Alborz from the zone will Binalud.

, Miami and Neyshabour two faults - faults can be Torbat Miami - called Torbat (Lindenburg and others, 1983).

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