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  Economic Geology
The history of economic geology of Iran
Author : Mansour ghorbani
Publisher date : July 2002
Chapter title : Chapter 1 - A review on historical revolutions in using mineral material Iran Mine
Data title : 1-3- Solukian and partian period

There is no much awareness about earth science and its dependent science (mining) in solution Time but it seems that Alexander and its agents and mining in Iran , in short time of solution Government and Iran is confronted to internal wars and disruption and so it is done in these days under governmental governors directly and they are usually with local aspect .

Girshman States: Business situation in this period is changed again and new factor in name of Roman was entered in business flow. Basical materials such as wood and related that Iran and India are its producers and they are requested (Girshman ,  translated by Moin , 1355)

In Part Period and their royal location, mining and industries related to that its cause is providing metals for construction of tools and use of involved people in mining .It is probably discovered in copper mines to Far East from Iran (Ahangaran Ghaen Area, Gazu x…) are discovered in this time .

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