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  Economic Geology
Description of  salt -  potash and them spread in Iran
Author : Farideh Helmi
Publisher date : August 2000
Chapter title : Chapter 6 - Some of creation models in evaporate reservoirs
Data title : 3-6- Deep water evaporate model (schmaltz, 1969)

In this model, based on done surveyed on evaporate formations for evaporates sedimentation in deep waters several stages has occurred consequently, according to schmaltz.

In Schmalz theory, following stages are occurred respectively:

A-      Formative stage

In this stage, density of basin is increased due to evaporate and non-evaporate salts are precipitated.

B-       Euxinic stage

Evaporation it more than water flow amount into basin by density increase, salt is aggregated in suitable depth and it prevents from permanence in oxygen remaining.

C-      Ephemeral stage

By evaporation subsequently, water is very concentrated and gypsum crystal is created especially in superficial parts far from center. 

A-     Permanent evaporative stage

By subsequent evaporation, depths in basin are saturated and gypsum with anhydride is precipitated in bottom.

B-     Terminal stage

If disruption or fracturing is, occurred in a basin or basin is filled by evaporates and or finally weather condition is changed and evaporate conditions reaches to desert. In this stage, there is reducing conditions it the bottom of basin. Sapropel facieses (Black shale, anaerobic with fundamental metals) or usual marine organisms are deposited as fresh water plankton in the basin.

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