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  Economic Geology
Description of  salt -  potash and them spread in Iran
Author : Farideh Helmi
Publisher date : August 2000
Chapter title : Chapter 3 - Condition and environment of halite formation
Data title : 3-3- Halite information environment

Halite ore deposits which are main composers for halite and NaCl are caused in two various types:

1-      Related basins to the sea which are feed by sea water.

2-      Basins located in continents which ore feed on land waters.

Area of this small bay is decreased in 1959 into 800km2 and its depth is maximum 2.1m and area of earth- filled dam is 5 to 6m upper than Caspian sea surface and width of a canal which enters to the gulf in each minute as much as 24 to 42 m3 and it is 10.5km and water table in this bay is 3m lower than sea level base and about 9.3 km3 water is entered during one year.

Survey and investigation about evaporates which are related to basins are used since 1850 and there is no main model representation with most of reservoirs:

1.      Marine deposits in shallow to deep depths (dam- making. Basin or separated).

2.      Deposition in sabkha (brine lagoons) and salina.

3.      Sedimentation in deep basins which are separated partially and salt is precipitated inside of saline waters. Mentioned conditions are in an environment for deposition of evaporate minerals:

1-      Presence of dry and hot weather and much evaporation in an environment and exceptionally cold and fridge weather for waters.

2-      If saline water can permanently enter to basin.

3-      Presence of closed to semi closed basin for saline water concentration.

4-      Because evaporate deposits can aggregate in bottom subsiding basin gradually.

5-      Presence of volcanic activities in an environment which can be a considerable part for evaporate minerals in the basin (that means their origin is volcano).

6-      Presence of some sediment, with suitable permeability in basin bottom, because very impermeable basements are a barrier for brines concentration.

7-      Presence of relative moisture in an environment for brine concentration.

It seems that there are several cases for deposition of evaporate minerals deposition.

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