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Calcareous Nannofossils of Iran
Author : Fatemeh Hadavi
Publisher date : October 2002
Chapter title : Second Chapter - Biostratigraphy
Data title : Triassic

Oldest Nannofossil is pertaining to the Triassic by name of Sensu stricto (Moshkovitz), reported in 1982. Writings about the Jurassic Nonnofossils before there are divided into two major groups. The first group is those that are published before 1982, and in fact introduce similar objects nannoplanktons their relationship still not confirmed Nonnofossils explored. Reports that since 1982 have been published so far indicate there Coccolith, and Nannolithus Triassic and Calcifera. In writings before 1982, the number attributed to the Paleozoic Nannofossil that their files are not present, a number of forms belonging to the Triassic and older who are likely with origin, that they can Paleozoic Coccolith result of contamination by younger sediments know, images of Coccolith Paleozoic can be concluded that they knew of contamination by younger sediments, images belonging to the genus of Jurassic Coccolith, objects that Cryptocrystaline Paleozoic Nonnofossils are so similar, but with the size, structure and composition vary and basically can not possibly originated as Sensu stricta (Nannofossil Triassic be referred.

The second group of articles, there are undoubtedly give Nonnofossils reported Triassic and Coccolith first introduced, and a lot of different calcifera Nannoliths having pay.
It seems that Nonnofossils Triassic Late Triassic and are limited in low latitude regions are found with the diversity (diversity) and low frequency have much. Although environmental studies so far Nonnofossils Triassic folds have had many applications, but their extinction in Jurassic Triassic boundary is a biological event.


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