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Calcareous Nannofossils of Iran
Author : Fatemeh Hadavi
Publisher date : October 2002
Chapter title : First Chapter - Nannofossils
Data title : Organism Biology

Most of Coccolithsophores have an uncus as fillament which is named Haptonema and an organic structure which is specifically belonged to monocellular algae class of Haptophyceae (fig1) .Coccolithophores capability is in discretion of calcareous planes or Coccolithss, on these organic objects results in their separation other haptophycea class and other algae.

Despite of Coccolithophores importance as most important marine phytoplankton and because they are  used due to their value to first producers in food chain , a little  experimental studies have been done on these organisms. Coccolithsophores are implanted in limited environments hardly, from live species, mainly Emiliania Haandleyi is appropriated for this purpose. This species lives both in shore and pelagic environments to it has extent in areas with top geographical latitudes and also in warm and cold waters in tropical – subtropical areas.

Much tolerance threshold of this species results in simple implant in lab probable.

This species has been studied abundantly rather than other species, so we will describe its history and structure.

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