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  Geology of Iran
Geology of Caspian sea
Author : Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Rohbakhshhsh
Publisher date : August 2001
Chapter title : First chapter- Generalities
Data title : 6-1- Investigation and marine operation

Besides some titles like (North petroleum) which are not topics in far years and oil company of our country, finally in 1365, practically with cooperation of soviet union (current Azerbaijan) first seismography and oceanography and Sea bed knowledge (Caspian soil mechanic) is started and then in 1370, drilling of first marine well in Islamic republic water of Iran (North Bandar Anzali) in a depth near to 5580m are terminated and more than hydrocarbon evaluation (presence of Ethane to hexane to union economical amount) were resulted some valuable information from Mesozoic deposits (cretaceous) to recent in Caspian Sea which is a guide for continue for developmental and explorative activities in this part of Caspian waters (28).

Writer was complied a program by use of investigation of some investigators from our country for this explorative well and it is implemented and also second marine well in east of Caspian Sea and also with second marine well in earth of Caspian Sea is started by compilation and its drilling in Shahrivar 1374 from one hand, with construction of first marine drilling machine was established and opened by senior great president on Meisam anticline. This well is also in south east of Caspian waters (North east of Neka) is located (third Main well of Caspian Sea).

In first marine well of Caspian Sea in Iran, more than bed studies and oceanography which were done by plane of Caspian exploration in 1365-1370, it was done in 1371, by H. Bahramizade Sajjadi by study of Ostracods in coastal well and also Caspian marine well with Khoshravan, in 1373, studied special mollusks for Caspian and ostracods related to progress of Caspian Sea surface and biostratigraphy and they studied with effective and valuable steps for more identification in this field which are continued by investigations of M. Taqavai, 1374 under control of A. Meisami and PhD investigation by writer, in order to better recognition of Caspian sedimentary basin (1376).

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