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  Flood report of Meel Meshkin Shar, Ardebil province
At time 19: 30, dated on 80/4/29 , following about 45 minutes extensive rain and flooding (according to the objective witnesses) ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Flood occurance causes review and the preventation alternatives from it’s damages and casualties at Cehezar river at Tonekabon- Mazandaran province
Flood occurance geographic position on 1381/04/25 at westpart of central Alborz is according ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Earth subsidence review at Tehran plain-Shahriar (First report)
Along with the performed measurements by the state civil mapping organization and the subsidence phenomenone ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Rock avalanche of Abikarkon- Olya village, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari province
Dated at 12/11/1377at Valmalmi from Faresan town located on the western- north corner of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari Province, ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Land slide preliminary review from Oshan- Fasham road
Oshan-Fasham road landslide was a landslide from the rotary type that at Sunday ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Golestan province flood report
At night Friday dated on 19th and at Saturday dated on ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Annual review report of Larijan hot-water spring following earthquakes, 17to 18 Mehr month, 1381
As per late cooperations of the state civil mining exploration and geology organization with Tehran governorship ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  First reviews of monitoring points layout and geology water (earth crust monitoring plan at central Alborz)
In this research, we try to collect the longtime statistic from centeral Alborz selected water sources quality to be ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Magnetic ores exploration
Region Name: Anarak, Located on Esfehan province ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
  Structural damages review at adjucant Gharchak – Valiabad qanat
According to the written request, dated on 82/10/13 of Tehran province unexpected ...
Publisher Date : May 2008
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