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  The report of aerial geophysics studies in method of magnetometry and radiometry in Chapan sheet
Magnetic data are used for better recognition of geological structures and for informing of lithologic changes in the regions without exposure and ...
Publisher Date : April 2000
  Economical gelogy report and telemetry in sheet of forumad in asclae of 1:100,000(Davarzan – Miami zone)
The sheet with a scale of 1:100,000 of forumad lies in north east of Semnan province and between longitude of 56 ° 30 ´ and 57 ° 00 ´E and ...
Publisher Date : January 2004
  Radiated spectrometry in method of ICP
Preliminary installing of ICP system in organization by engineer Khatibi from Jam Ara Company whihcis a agent of Juben Ion Co. from France in Iran, ...
Publisher Date : October 1998
  The plan of combination of basic data layers and introduction at promising mineral areas of the country
The gold is first metal which has been identical and used by human. Exploration and extraction of this element has several thousand records. Our ...
Publisher Date : May 2009
  The preliminary exploration plan of lead & zinc to explanation of geological help in scale or
The studies area which lies in a distance of 30-35 km in south of Kashan province & 51 20’E to 51 25’E & 33 37’ N to 33 44’N, has a area about ...
Publisher Date : October 1991
  Ministry of mine & methods
The studied area is located in 54 Km from North West & Arak & in east of Shara River. The aim is structural- geological study, following of mineral ...
Publisher Date : October 1992
  Geological survey report in scale of 1:20,000 & geochemical Area or Sohrein- Degah North of Zanjan
This report is explanation of the map in scale of 1:20,000 in north of Zanjan area (Sohrein- Degah) that is located in a distance of 25km from ...
Publisher Date : March 1992
  Geological report and geochemical exploration in south of Behshahr – Galugah The project in number of Gg-25-Behshahr
Geographical characteristics of the region south of Behshahr area and Galugah is studied area of this project which is located in heights between 70m ...
Publisher Date : October 2001
  Preliminary report of telemetry studies of Saghez Region
Nowadays progression of technology in field of sciences such as space sciences has been caused revolution in growth of other sciences that ignoring of ...
Publisher Date : October 1999
  Geotechnique studies of earthquake
This report pays to description and explanation of various geotechnique characteristics of stuffs, challenged in Rajaii Dasht earth quake in Rudbar of ...
Publisher Date : October 1999
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