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  Iran east south- south opiolites
Platinum- group elements preliminary exploration ...
Publisher Date : February 2002
  Ghoture 1:100/000 Sheet
Mining promising zones introduction and contro ...
Publisher Date : February 2002
  Iran Quaternary stratigraphy and it’s study methods (short review)
This work is a try at assembling methods and the avoidance from their abstract. ...
Publisher Date : April 1987
  Facies, sedimentary environment and Gochal formation lithostratigraphic (Carboniferous) at Kalmerd-west Tabas region.
Facies, Sedimantary environment and Gachal formation lithostratigraphic (carboniferous) at Kalmerd- west Tabas region ...
Publisher Date : August 2006
  Central Alborz – South formations lithology and stratigraphy at chalus and Dare- Jaban route sections
Central Alborz- south formation lithology and stratigraphy at Chalus and Darejaban route sections ...
Publisher Date : February 1999
  Biostratigraphic and stratigraphy at Zagros mountain chains from Paleocene to Pliocene
Biostratigraphic and stratigraphy at Zagros mountain chains from Paleocene to Pliocene ...
Publisher Date : February 2000
  Maygoon-Fasham road first rockslide report
With regards to the first reviews, it was determined that the slope instability was caused at 1km Fasham road after region at Friday 841(1)29, that ...
Publisher Date : March 2006
  Hashtroud 1:100/000 Sheet
Hammer exploration at scale 1:100/000 ...
Publisher Date : February 1998
  Description on the earthquake on 1383/11/21 at North-Gorgan
This earthquake has occured at an active zone from tectonic point ...
Publisher Date : March 2008
  Mehr, 1381, Caspian sea mud volcanos preliminary report and the glance to Dashte-Torkaman mud volcanos (Golestan province)
Follwing news publication and declaration at the public media based on mud volcano phenomenone event ...
Publisher Date : October 2002
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