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  •  proceeding of economic geology journal 1997-2007
      Alteration of Felsic Volcanics Hosting the Thalanga Massive Sulfide Deposit (Northern Queensland, Australia) and Geochemical Proximity Indicators to Ore
      Alteration Mineralogy at the Cerro La Mina Epithermal Prospect, Patagonia, Argentina: Field Mapping, Short-Wave Infrared Spectroscopy, and ASTER Images
      Alteration Mineralogy and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic Basement-Hosted Unconformity-Type Uranium Deposits in the Athabasca Basin, Canada
      Alteration Characteristics of the Archean Golden Grove Formation at the Gossan Hill Deposit, Western Australia: Induration as a Focusing Mechanism for Mineralizing Hydrothermal Fluids
      Al- and Cr-rich chromitites from the Mayari-Baracoa ophiolitic belt (eastern Cuba); consequence of interaction between volatile-rich melts and peridotites in suprasubduction mantle
      Ages of Intrusion, Alteration, and Mineralization at the Grasberg Cu-Au Deposit, Papua, Indonesia
      Age of the Sherman-Type Zn-Pb-Ag Deposits, Mosquito Range, Colorado
      Age of the Pueblo Viejo Gold-Silver Deposit and Its Significance to Models for High-Sulfidation Epithermal Mineralization
      Age of the Camag?ld-Silver District, Cuba: Tectonic Evolution and Preservation of Epithermal Mineralization in Volcanic Arcs
      Age constraints on the Devonian shale-hosted Zn-Pb-Ba deposits, Gataga District, northeastern British Columbia, Canada
      Aeromagnetic Signature of Porphyry Copper Systems in Northern Chile and Its Geologic Implications
      Ad Duwayhi, Saudi Arabia: Geology and Geochronology of a Neoproterozoic Intrusion-Related Gold System in the Arabian Shield
      A Thrust Ramp Model for Gold Mineralization at the Archean Trondhjemite-Hosted Tarmoola Deposit: The Importance of Heterogeneous Stress Distributions around Granitoid Contacts
      A Textural, Mineralogical, and Statistical Study of the Footwall Breccia within the Strathcona Embayment of the Sudbury Structure
      A special issue on placer deposits; preface
      A Single Late Orogenic Permian Episode of Gold Mineralization in the Hodgkinson Province, North Queensland, Australia
      A Series of 100th Anniversary Papers in Economic Geology
      A Review of Gold Mineralization Styles in Finland
      A reinterpretation of the role of granitoids in the genesis of Neoproterozoic gold mineralization in the Telfer Dome, Western Australia
      A Paragenetic and Isotopic Study of the Proterozoic Westmoreland Uranium Deposits, Southern McArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Australia
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