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  •  proceeding of economic geology journal 1997-2007
      Deposition of gold in carlin-type deposits; the role of sulfidation and decarbonation at Twin Creeks, Nevada
      Crystalline Placer Gold from the Rio Neuqu Argentina: Implications for the Gold Budget in Placer Gold Formation
      Crustal Structure in the Elko-Carlin Region, Nevada, during Eocene Gold Mineralization: Ruby-East Humboldt Metamorphic Core Complex as a Guide to the Deep Crust
      Crustal Affinities of Metallogenesis in the American Southwest
      Cretaceous Karstic Cave-Fill Manganese-Lead-Barium Deposits of Imini, Morocco
      Correlation of Olary and Broken Hill Domains, Curnamona Province: Possible Relationship to Mount Isa and Other North Australian Pb-Zn-Ag-Bearing Successions
      Copper Isotope Systematics of the Lucky Strike, Rainbow, and Logatchev Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Fields on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
      Controls on the Formation of Contact-Type Platinum-Group Element Mineralization in the East Bull Lake Intrusion
      Controls on Skarn Mineralization and Alteration at the Cadia Deposits, New South Wales, Australia
      Contrasting Petrological and Geochemical Relationships in the Voisey?s Bay and Mushuau Intrusions, Labrador, Canada: Implications for Ore Genesis
      Constraints on the Origins of Fluids Forming Irish Zn-Pb-Ba Deposits: Evidence from the Composition of Fluid Inclusions
      Compositional Variations of Olivine and Sulfur Isotopes in the Noril?sk and Talnakh Intrusions, Siberia: Implications for Ore-Forming Processes in Dynamic Magma Conduits
      Composition of Soils and Ground Waters at the Pampa del Tamarugal, Chile: Anatomy of a Fossil Geochemical Anomaly Derived from a Distant Porphyry Copper Deposit
      Complex metasomatism of an Archean placer in the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa; the Ventersdorp contact reef; a hydrothermal aquifer?
      Clay mineralogy, crystallinity, and K-Ar ages of illites within the Polish Zechstein Basin; implications for the age of Kupferschiefer mineralization
      Clay Alteration Associated with Proterozoic Unconformity-Type Uranium Deposits in the East Alligator Rivers Uranium Field, Northern Territory, Australia
      Classification, Genesis, and Exploration Guides for Nonsulfide Zinc Deposits
      Chlorine and Alkali Geochemical Halos in the Footwall Breccia and Sublayer Norite at the Margin of the Strathcona Embayment, Sudbury Structure, Ontario
      Chemical Evolution and Origin of Nickel Sulfide Mineralization in the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Ontario, Canada
      Chemical Compositions of Fluid Inclusions in Intrusion-Related Gold Systems, Alaska and Yukon, Using PIXE Microanalysis
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