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  •  proceeding of economic geology journal 1997-2007
      Heavy mineral beach placers in southeastern Australia; their nature and genesis
      Granite-Related Paleoproterozoic, Serrinha Gold Deposit, Southern Amazonia, Brazil: Hydrothermal Alteration, Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotope Constraints on Genesis and Evolution
      Gold in Porphyry Copper Deposits: Experimental Determination of the Distribution of Gold in the Cu-Fe-S System at 400? to 700?C
      Gold Enrichment and the Bi-Au Association in Pyrrhotite-Rich Massive Sulfide Deposits, Escanaba Trough, Southern Gorda Ridge
      Gold Deposits in Metamorphic Belts: Overview of Current Understanding, Outstanding Problems, Future Research, and Exploration Significance
      Gold Deposit Formation during Collapse Tectonics: Structural, Mineralogical, Geochronological, and Fluid Inclusion Constraints in the Ouro Preto Gold Mines, Quadril ?tero Ferr?fero, Brazil
      Gold Content of Eastern Manus Basin Volcanic Rocks: Implications for Enrichment in Associated Hydrothermal Precipitates
      Gold Concentrations in Springs at Waiotapu, New Zealand: Implications for Precious Metal Deposition in Geothermal Systems
      Gilt by Association? Origins of Pyritic Gold Ores in the Victory Mesothermal Gold Deposit, Western Australia
      Giant Porphyry Deposits: Characteristics, Distribution, and Tectonic Controls
      Geophysical and Isotopic Constraints on Crustal Structure Related to Mineral Trends in North-Central Nevada and Implications for Tectonic History
      Geology, Petrology, and Controls on PGE Mineralization of the Southern Roby and Twilight Zones, Lac des Iles Mine, Canada
      Geology, Mineralization, and Emplacement of the Whistle-Parkin Offset Dike, Sudbury
      Geology, Mineralization, and Emplacement of the Foy Offset Dike, Sudbury Impact Structure
      Geology, Mineralization, Alteration, and Structural Evolution of the El Teniente Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit
      Geology, Geochronology, and Hf and Pb Isotope Data of the Ra?l-Condestable Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold Deposit, Central Coast of Peru
      Geology, Geochemistry, and Mineralogy of the Worthington Offset Dike: A Genetic Model for Offset Dike Mineralization in the Sudbury Igneous Complex
      Geology of the Skorpion Supergene Zinc Deposit, Southern Namibia
      Geology of the Sari Gunay Epithermal Gold Deposit, Northwest Iran
      Geology of the Ivanhoe Hg-Au District, Northern Nevada: Influence of Miocene Volcanism, Lakes, and Active Faulting on Epithermal Mineralization
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