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  •  20th symposium on geosciences
      Kolah Ghazi Granodiorites Enclaves of south Isfahan
      Kinetic syngenetic igneous events in Chapedony metamorphites set
      Investigation on the evolution of calcalkaline, potassiccalcalkaline and shoshonitic plutonism, associated with porphyry copper (Mo,Au,Ag) mineralization of the Cenozoic granitoid bodies in Ir
      Investigating the volcanic rocks petrology in Farmahin area of Arak
      Investigating the petrology and economic geology of manganese mineralization traces in Khorasanak, south of Hashtrood
      Investigating the dunites of Tashk-Abadeh area and a way for chromite exploration
      Geology studies and petrogenesis of the volcanites of Marand southwest
      Geochimical & petrogical analysis of Ophioliticcomplex Rocks,North NainA.Jabbari
      Determination of Oxidation Slates, CoordinationNumbers and ratios of Iron Cations in Trioctahedral Micas by Mossbauer Spectroscopy
      Anortite chemical potential,a factor for chromatic concentrations in ultramafic-mafic sets
      Acidic volcanic rocks in the Saveh quadrangle
      Studying the Upper Permian brachiopods in 3 sections:Shahreza-Jolfa-Alborz
      Study of morphotype groups of plankton Icforamonifera in Gurpi Formation at Sabze kuh area (Borujen)
      Stratigraphy , sedimentology and Hydrocarbone potential of west and south western part of caspian sea and it?s comparison with khazar? well No .1
      Petrophysical study of Bangestan reservoir inKilurKarim oil field
      Palmatolepis conodont genus (Late Devonian) fromShishtu Formation, east Iran and Khoshyeilagh Formation, north Iran
      Palinologic preliminary study and reviewing Lashkarak formation in Lashkarak mountain of central Alborz,north of Iran
      Oceanic anoxic events and the formation of Frasnian condensed section in Alborz
      New lithostratigraphic findings of Fahlian formation in Dezful embayment(southwest of Iran) by using well going diagrams
      Late Devonian Paleoecology of Conodonts inZefreh area (Northeast of Esfahan)
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