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  •  20th symposium on geosciences
      Economic geology studies on phosphate ore deposit-Gasestan rare earths
      Comparative geochemistry of rare earth elements in apatite- magnetite ores of Fsfordi and Choghart area,central Iran
      Characteristics of the southern slope rhyolites of Tarud-Chah Shirin volcanic-intrusive set and their relationship with gold epithermal-base metals mineralization in Gandi mineral region
      Assay-tectonic modeling of Gol-e Gohar iron ore mine
      A view on the regional geology of Arghash-Cheshmehzard gold deposit
      A review on ore ? genesis and relavantGeodynamic problems in Abbas-Abad Copper deposits M.Lotfi-R.Nowroozi Earthsciences Research Institute (ESRI-GSI) And Islamic Azad university (Branch of
      A new view on Alamkandi lead and zink mine
      A Genetic For Textures and Structures Of SoughanChromitesMine,Esphandageh
      Investigation on the verticallithogeochemical haloes developed in thedrill hole No.A of the Soungoun porphyry Cu Mo deposit and their xp1oration significance
      Gold exploration project in Khorasan and Semnan provinces(from project to production)
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