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  •  20th symposium on geosciences
      Organization and realization model for feasibilitystudies of mineral projectsA. Reza SAYADI, Geological Survey of Iran
      Mineralogy and genesis of Chelpo-Kabte Choubak Sb-As Kashmar
      Mineralogical studies of Cheshmeh zard gold deposit
      Mineral potential of Dizaj sheet special Reference tothe Ophiolitic melange rocks potential
      Microthermometry of fluid inclusions in sedimentarydiagenetic and epigenetic systems of Milakuh-Touyeh F(Zn-Pb-Ba) deposit (southwest Damghan) Ghodratollah Rostami Paydar, Ebrahi
      Metallogeny of apatite ore deposits in central Iran and their temporal and spatial genesis bigeminy
      Khajeh igneous mass petrogenesis and the probable genesis of its associated Fe-Cu deposit.
      Investigating the relationship between magmatism and mineralization in Abhar by using field geology and airborn geophysical dat
      Investigating the geochemical processes and origin responsible for Qopic bauxite deposit formation(west of Miandoab-west Azarbaijan)
      Investigating the Antimoan deposits state in Iran with a view on the types of mineralization
      Industrial mineralogy of Khorasan benetonites
      In order to determin ,the importance of industrial soils (Kaolinite) in Markazi province , we compared major oxides this area with standard values for 36 samples. These oxides included SiO , AlO
      Identification and Emergence of Graphite Mineral inMolataleb (north of Aligodarz) Granotide Mass.
      Hydrogenic mineralization systems,a new perspective in Iran mineral resources evaluation
      Geothermal energy in Iran,future perspective and past review.
      Geology and the probable origin of Bafgh Choghart iron-apatite ore deposit
      Geology and The Origin of Mokhdan CelestiteOccurrence ? Boushehr Province, Iran
      Geochemical parameters,characteristics and estimative evaluation of Cu-Mo porphyry mineralization.West of Iran(Soungon ore deposit)
      Exploration modeling in epithermal gold ore deposits(with a new view on Arghash gold ore deposit boreholes)
      Exploration geochemistry and geology of Kuh-e-zar gold mineralization area in Torbat-e Heydarye
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