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  •  20th symposium on geosciences
      Using shear band foliations for determining shear sense,kinematics,shear strain and flow viscosity no. in shear zones(northwest of Orumieh).
      Using balanced cross sections for structural generation(originating) investigation of east Alborz(Khosh yeilagh area)
      Transpression in Khoy area
      The effect of the deformation of the subsurface faults on covering fanerozoic sediments in the southeast of Zagros using space remote sensing data
      Tectonic analysis ,air born geomagnetic studies and gravimetry of Caspian sea for prospecting studies of gas and oil reservoirs
      Studying the morphotectonic quantity parmeters of Behbehan area
      Study of crust in north west of Iran using earthquakedata inversion
      Structural pattern of the depressions of the east of Iran
      Structural analysis of en-echelon vein and foliation result of solution in Kowlikosh shear zone
      Structural analysis of asymmetrical sheath folds of Kowlikosh shear zone, southwest of Iran Sarkarinejad, K. & Azizi, A
      Seismotectonic and Tectonic Stress Indicators in Iran
      Seismicity and seismotectonics in the north of Khorasan(Kopeh Dagh) with an emphasis on Bojnoord
      Seismic Risk in Caspian Oil & Gas Transmission Line
      Seismic potential springs in Tehran
      Seismic activity investigation of Yazd area
      Seismic Activity In Kahrnareh Sorkhi- Famur Region
      Research about the anticipation of erathquake and recognize the cause of appearing an erathquake and mountains volcanic
      Providing a new tectonic model for Khoy area in the northwest of Iran
      Observation on Fore arc basin model in realation totectonosedimentary position in NW Iran
      Numerical method of seismo-tectonic zoning (Fars province)
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