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  •  3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference
      Software Evaluation of In-situ Shear Test - Case Study: Narmab Dam Site
      Role of gypsum solubility in watertighness of dams
      Determination of significant factor of landslides in Behesht Abad dam reservoir using CF model
      Comprision between Hoek-Brown and Mohr-Colomb Criterias in rock slope stability
      Understanding and Managing Geological Complexity and Uncertainty in Rock Engineering
      SuperC Geothermal Project at RWTH Aachen University
      Statistical Simulation of the Numerically Obtained Results of Triaxial Overconsolidated Clay Sample Models by ANSYS
      Seismic Wave Monitoring and Ground Vibration Analysis Generated by Bench Blasting in Sungun Copper Mine
      Rolling stock management one line mechanize tunnels by attention of rate penetration - case study Karag-Tehran water conveyance tunnel
      Rock Engineering in Underground Space Utilization in Japan- Experience of Underground Energy Storage Projects
      Radial Basis Function to Predict the Maximum Surface Settlement Caused by EPB Shield Tunneling
      Prediction of Rock Fragmentation in Open Pit Mines, using Neural Network Analysis
      Numerical Modeling of Pressurized Circular Holes with Cracks in Semi-infinite Rock Masses
      Numerical Modeling of Ground Response Curves for Rock Tunnels Using Mohr-coulomb and Hoek-Brown Failure Criteria
      Geological-Geomechanical Characterization and Bearing Capacity Estimation of the Khorram Roud Dam Site, Western Iran
      Determination of Powder Factor for an Optimized Blast Pattern Design Using Artificial Neural Network (Case Study: Gol-e-Gohar Iron Ore Mine)
      Deformability of Rock Fractures with Correlated Fracture Length and Aperture
      Crossing of Fault Zones in the MFS Faido by Using the Observational Method
      Constitutive Modeling of Rocks and Rock Masses
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