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  •  3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference
      Study of Geomechanical Properties of Cenozoic Clastic Sedimentary Rocks of Zagros Zone
      Review of squeezing phenomenon in an under construction tunnel of Haraz road
      Relationship between wave velocities with geomechanical properties of soft rocks - Case study
      Prediction of Uniaxial Compression Strength of Iron Ore by Index Tests
      Modeling of damage process in the Brazilian test based on fracture mechanic
      Experimental Relation Between Uniaxial Compression Strength and Rock Mass Behavior Parameters - Case study: Sungun Copper Mine
      Determination of in-Situ Stress Field Using Under Coring Method
      Comparing the functionality of two Dilatometers in the rock masses of Dalan Formation
      3D Geometrical-geotechnical modeling of fractured rock mass by statistical modeling - Case study, Second tectonic block of Choghart
      The study of north-western pit slope?s act of ANGOURAN mine and determination of rock mechanics parameters of slope?s forming materials, weight of sliding mass and the sliding surface area
      Slope stability analysis of Gol-E-Gohar Iron Mine of Iran by using numerical methods
      Quantifying dilution by using empirical methods in Kerman coal mines
      Prediction of blasting fragmentation distribution in Sungun copper mine using rock mass geomechanical properties
      Optimum Pillar Design of Room and Pillar Mining for Layer C1 in Parvadeh Coal mine
      Investigation of geotechnical condition and slope stability at Miduk copper mine
      Fragmentation Prediction in Surface Mines: A Fuzzy Approach
      Estimation of rock mass excavatability using ANNs
      East wall slope stability analysis of chadormalu iron ore mine using Empirical, Analytical & Numerical Methods
      The Relationship Between Constant Rate of Solution and Karstification in Gypsiferous Rocks
      Study of Hydromechanical Behavior of Jointed Rock Mass on Stability of Concrete Arch Dam Abutments
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