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  •  21th symposium on geosciences
      Usage of Landsat-TM Satellite Pictures inExploration of Minerals and Stones
      Usage of GIS in Priority Geological units of Rain Water Basin, Mighan Arak from Point of Water Potential
      Study of Mining Potentials of 1:100000 Myamey SheetBy Using of Geographic Information System (GIS)
      Primitve Copper Exploration by Using of remote SensingAnd GIS Methods, in East of Zanjan
      Introduction of preparing of Atlas Data layers and MiningPotential Maps Method by usage of GIS & Fuzzy Logic, 1:100000 Sefidsang Torbat-Jam, Aqhdarband
      Introduction of Mining Potential Listvenite Bearing Gold,In 1:100000 Birjand Sheet by Using of New Methids in Remote Sensing
      Groundwater Vuluerability Maps of Behbahan PlainRegarding to Facial Pollutants by Using of GIS & DRASTIC Methods
      Comparison between Band ratios & Crosta method forDistinguishing of Altered Zones, by Using of Aster SensorData (Case Study: Meydook Area
      Application of ETM+ images for the exploration of Porphyry and vein type Cu mineralization, A case study of Kuhe Mamzar-Kuhe Panj area of Kerman Province
      Application of Artificial Neural Networks, (ANN) in providing of self organization feature Map? (SOFM) for Exploration of mines Stages
      Two-dimensional modeling and interpretation of Resistivity and Induced polarization data (Payandeh index)
      Study & comparison of time Migration Post & pre-StackOn 2D Seismic Data
      Pre-stack depth migration on reflction data
      Microlepton measurements: A technology for mineralExploration
      Mapping near surface water canal using 3D refraction survey
      Interpretation of Sedimentary Basin of Gorgan Plain byUsing of Geophysical Data (Geo-gravity, Satellite and Seismic)
      Geophysical prospecting using ESP method
      Geophysical Exploration of Cu in Majdar (Ardabil)
      Finding Underground Pipes and Cables location by VLFMethod
      Estimation of Porosity and saturation of Water by usage of Well-Log, in one of Hydrocarbon Reservoir of Iran
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