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  •  21th symposium on geosciences
      Zagros diapers, storage & section study
      Two stages of folding evolution, at a dome structure in the Almogholagh region, west Hamadan
      The Zemmouri (Boumerdes) Algeria earthquake of 21/5/2003; (Mw6.8);A Review on the Seismological Aspects and lessons learned For Tehran
      The Role of Basement Lineaments in Formation of RecentMorphology(Formation of the Karaj and Chalus valleys
      The Potential of luminescence dating Method for Earthquake risk evaluation of Tehran (And other sites in Iran)
      The Bam Earthquake of 26 December 2003 and its aftershocksRecorded by Iranian National Braodband and a temporally
      Tectonic Elements of South flank in the east- centralAlborz Mountain
      Survey on Structural Geology of Karun II Dam and It?s Area
      Subsurface Analytical Methods For identification basementStrike-slip Fault in Ahvaz Field
      Study of Varamin plains Block Movements by Using of Morphotectonic & Neotectonic Evidences
      Study of Seismotectoncal Active Deformation Right StrikeSlip in South of Makoo (Part of Ghafghaz Tectonic Area)
      Study of Relation between Plastic (ductile) Deformation And Igneous- Metamorphic Occurrences in Posht-e- Badam Metamorphic Complex (PMC) West of Central Iran Micro-plate
      Study of Earthquack danger in Eshtehard and its Around
      Study & Analysis of seismotetonic activities in Tasuj area
      Structural Investigation of Effective Faults on BandobastStructure
      Structural evolution and metamorphism of the southern margin of the central Iran micro-continent. The metamorphic complexes of the Neyriz region (Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone)
      Structural Analysis of the Volcano- sedimentary Rocks in Tafresh Area, Evidence for Transpression Tectonic in Uroumieh- Dokhtar Volcanic Belt
      Structural analysis of SW Part of NorthTabriz fault, in Mianeh
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