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Address : 1GFZ, Germany; 2Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands
Celebration date : 27 Saturday September 2008
Author name : Tesauro, Magdala1; Kaban, Mikhail1; Cloetingh, Sierd2

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  • Article title : EuCRUST-07 as a basis for a new model of the European lithosphere
    Article type : Other
    Location : International Geological Congress,oslo 2008

    Fulltext :

    Comprehension of four-dimensional topographic evolution of the European lithosphere needs a multi-disciplinary approach, which links geology, geophysics and geotechnology. We provide a contribution to this ultimate goal presenting EuCRUST-07, a new digital model for the crust of Western and Central Europe and surroundings (35°N-71°N, 25°W-35°E). Furthermore, we demonstrate several applications of EuCRUST-07 for modelling of the European lithosphere.
    EuCRUST-07 has been created by assembling the most robust and recent seismic data in an integrate model at a uniform grid (15’x15’) (Tesauro et al., 2008). The new crustal model offers a starting point for various types of numerical modelling to remove the crustal effect beforehand and to exclude a trade-off with mantle heterogeneities. An example of its application is offered by construction of a new gravity model of the lithosphere. The gravity effect of the new crustal model is computed and removed from the observed gravity field to get the residual mantle gravity anomalies. These anomalies reflect the effect of mantle density variations, which are induced by temperature and compositional anomalies, and by variations of the lithosphere thickness. Furthermore, EuCRUST-07 is employed to correct seismic tomography data (Koulakov et al., 2008). We used the new tomography data to get location of the lithosphere-astenosphere boundary and temperature distribution in the lithosphere. The results obtained allow calculating a strength state of the European lithosphere. The new strength results presented here are principally improved compared to the previous ones (Cloetingh et al., 2005) by the inclusion of the effects of the lateral physical parameters variation (e.g. density and lithology) and of the new thermal model.

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