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Address : National Holding Company, Uzbekistan
Celebration date : 15 Monday September 2008
Author name : Yuldashev, Otabek

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  • Article title : Revealation and the computer analysis of the complex interconnected properties of geological space for the purposes of the forecasting
    Article type : Other
    Location : International Geological Congress,oslo 2008

    Fulltext :

    Examination of united geological space by breaking it down and representing in a form of separate attributes, as a matter of fact, represents a specific method of geological analysis. This approach allows simplifying the most complicated objects and recognizing their components, however, as a result, the general, integral, complex properties of the objects are lost. It would be methodologically correct, if in addition to a set of geological, geophysical and geochemical maps of the territory, reflecting various separate properties of the geological environment, synthetic maps, reflecting its’ integral, complex properties are constructed as well. Modern computer technologies enable construction of such synthetic maps.
    A method of synthesis of various geological, geophysical and geochemical maps of the same territory, partition of complex properties of objects has been developed. It is intended for revealing new properties of the territories’ geological structure and for revealing complex factors of localization - favorable for mineralization of geological, geophysical and geochemical attributes’ combinations.
    Two algorithms of optimal digitization of continuous fields reflected on the maps in a form of contours of uniformity of geological space are examined: optimal display of an interval of the filed change and an optimal partition of the filed area. The algorithm of constructing a discrete vector field via "n" number of initial fields of qualitative and continuous quantitative attributes is developed. Algorithms are performed in computer programs in two variants with Visual Basic for Excel and with Map Basic for MapInfo.
    The analysis of synthetic maps of Tamdytau and Bukantau mountains has shown that in comparison with geological maps they dismember the geological space on a more detailed level. They reflect the complex, interconnected features of geological space which are absent on geological maps. In particular, it has been determined, that mountains Tamdytau and Bukantau have an inlaid-mosaic, lamellar structure, apparently consisting from a set of tectonic plates, placed in parallel with structural zones of subduction in the end of low carbon and in the middle carbon. The zones of the increased heterogeneity consisting of multitude of vector objects (bodies) which have coincided with known ore zones could be distinctly separated.
    On the basis of statistical metallogenic analysis, complex quantitative spatial factors of localization of the ore objects, representing informative combinations of geological, geophysical and geochemical attributes were determined. Complex factors of localization of ore objects are approximately twice as more informative than single factors (the coefficient of their spatial connection with ore objects is twice as much). The areas of their distribution highlight the zones of the increased density of ore objects’ location more precisely.

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