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  • Article title : Investigating the microfacies and sedimentary environment of the sediments of Upper Devonian in Chah-riseh, northeast of Isfahan
    Article type : Paleontology and Stratigraphy
    Location : 20th symposium on geosciences

    Fulltext :

         The Upper Devonian sequence of Northeastern Esfahan (Chah-riseh Village ) has been divided into Padeha and Bahram formations . In this study , the thickness of Padeha and Bahram Formations are 237 m and 492 m , respectively. In the studied area Jamal Formation disconformably lies on Bahram Formation.
    On the base of palynomorphs taxa and comparing with Brachiopoda taxa was suggested Frasnian age for Padeha Formation and fammenian age for Bahram Formation.
    The stratigrphic section of the Upper Devonian sediments was studied to determine its facies analysis and petrographic studies led to recognition of 7 microfacies of the open marine/barrier, shelf lagoon and tidal flat subenvironments. vertical facies associations indicate that in the studied area respectively consist of one major cycle for the padeha formation and two major cycles for the Bahram Formation and several small-scale cycles (Parasequences). the major cycles result tension phase , regional and static of world and the minor cycles occur of the changes of static by glacier(Glacioeustatic).

    Celebration date : 16 Wednesday April 2008
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