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  • Article title : Investigating the biofacies and lithofacies of Tirgan formation in the eastern section of Kopeh-Dagh
    Article type : Paleontology and Stratigraphy
    Location : 20th symposium on geosciences

    Fulltext :

         Based on this study , eleven stratigraphy sections from
    lower cretaceous sediments in East-North of Iran selected in
    Kopeh dagh basin.These sections are located in Lat.36 45 — 35
    45N and Long.61 15 - 59 45E in trend in folding of area.The 350 samples in systematics form picked from old layers to new layers.
    The aim of this study is vetigation of biofacies and lithofacies of Tirgan Fm. and determine of lower and upper boundries in these sections.
    These sections from west to east are:Chenar,Taherabad, Artenj, ,Ghorghoreh Mozduran, Padeha,Baghak, Shurijeh olya and
    two additional sections,Natu and Derazab.
    Based on lithofacies,about 13 microfacies in this area have been recognized, and based on all of the founa and microfacies, Aptian
    ages were proposed for this formation in these sections.

    Celebration date : 16 Wednesday April 2008
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