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  • Article title : Exploration modeling in epithermal gold ore deposits(with a new view on Arghash gold ore deposit boreholes)
    Article type : Economic geology & mineral exploration
    Location : 20th symposium on geosciences

    Fulltext :

         Arghash gold deposit has been discovered by the help of regional geochemical exploration in 1995 and later detail exploration including drilling program indicate an economic epithermal gold deposit up to several tons reserve and 3 gr/t grade.
    Based on the paragenetic elements of epithermal gold deposit such as Au, As, Sh, Ag and Hg several zonality indexes diagrams (As. Sb/Au. Ag and Ag/Au, Hg/Au) as standard models have been calculated, by the helping of Arghash drilling data.
    By comparing the zonality index of any gold anomaly with the standard diagrams the following problems will be solved:
    1- The rate of erosion surface of an epithermal gold deposit.
    2- The genetically relation between the anomaly and weakly eroded or blind gold deposit.
    3- The probability of existence of an economic gold reserve at depth.
    4- To identify the best place for drilling and reduce the rate of exploration risk and costs.

    Celebration date : 16 Wednesday April 2008
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