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  • Article title : Investigation on the verticallithogeochemical haloes developed in thedrill hole No.A of the Soungoun porphyry Cu Mo deposit and their xp1oration significance
    Article type : Economic geology & mineral exploration
    Location : 20th symposium on geosciences

    Fulltext :

         In order to investigate the vertical lithogeochemical haloes of elements in the Soungoun porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, 19 samples in drill hole No.A was studied(SNC,1992) In hypogene, supergene and leached zones, Cu, Ag, Bi and Mo form intensive positive haloes. Chromium in supergene zone and As,Au and Cr in leached zone show intensive positive haloes that is higher than the other zones. The results of investigation of the zonality index show that the element are concentrated in hypogene(As, Zn and Pb), supergene(Ag, Cu, Bi, Mo and Cc) and leached zones(Co and Au) respectively.The AuJCu ratio in leached zone is approximatly 6 times higher than the other zones. Therefore, determination of Au and Cu in gossanes of Azarbaijan province could be the best exp I oration guide for prospecting porphyry-hydrothermal deposits.

    Celebration date : 16 Wednesday April 2008
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