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  • Article title : Optimum Pillar Design of Room and Pillar Mining for Layer C1 in Parvadeh Coal mine
    Article type : Engineering Geology
    Location : 3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference

    Fulltext :
          One of the major parameters in room and pillar mining is the optimum design of pillars so that the importance of appropriate design of pillars is directly depends on the economic and safety aspects of the project. An optimum design is the design that provides sufficient safety factor and doesn't make the project inconvenient. The aim of this research is optimum pillar design of room and pillar mining for layer C1 in Parvadeh coal mine. This could result in significant improvement on pillar recovery and productivity for aforementioned mine. Pillar design for this mine was conducted using Bieniawski's design method because of its generality and reliability. Ultimately, the optimum pillar length, width and extraction ratio were calculated by 35 ft, 25 ft and 63%, respectively. Extraction ratio of 63% and pillar area reduction by 24.5% show this design is economically performed in comparison with previous design used Salamon and Munro method.
       Key words: Pillar design, Room and pillar mining, Parvadeh coal mine
    Celebration date : 10 Monday March 2008
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