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  • Article title : East wall slope stability analysis of chadormalu iron ore mine using Empirical, Analytical & Numerical Methods
    Article type : Engineering Geology
    Location : 3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference

    Fulltext :
          Nowadays slope stability is one of the main and determinative parameters in the economy and safety of the open pits. Allocation of just one slope for all the walls in the pit is not correct for most the pits, as pit walls are consisted from different types of materials and they have different structural conditions. So design of the slope should be done just after defining of the existent geotechnical parameters of different lithologies and determination of the geotechnical limits of the pit. In this Paper the Optimum slopes for ChadorMalu open pit east wall (Domain 1) are represented using MRMR ,SlopeW 2004 and FLAC 4.0 softwares. In order to do so, ChadorMalu pit was divided to 5 zones by preparing geological and tectonic map of the mine, Drilling 5 boreholes around the pit, preparing geotechnical log of those, performing rock mechanical tests and surface mapping. Open pit east wall is limited by alluvium with 30m depth as top and conglomerate. Study, 2 geotechnical boreholes and modeling results shown that in zones 1(North) final slope is increased from 37, to 40 and in zone 1(South) it is reduced from 48 to 40 degrees.
       Key words: Overall Slope, Chadormalu Iron ore mine, geotechnical domain, geotechnical borehole logging
    Celebration date : 10 Monday March 2008
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