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  • Article title : The Relationship Between Constant Rate of Solution and Karstification in Gypsiferous Rocks
    Article type : Engineering Geology
    Location : 3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference

    Fulltext :
          Tange-e-Sorkh dam is to be built on Khoshk River to store water for agricultural use, to prevent and control flood risk to Shiraz city and to provide tourist attractions. The presence of gypsiferous rocks at the dam site on the surface and at depth may cause settlement and unacceptable seepage. To study the extent of the problems, the site was subdivided into three zones. Based on microgravity data few boreholes were located as representative boreholes in each zone. Some core samples were taken from sinkholes locations, and some more core samples were taken from the analysis of lugeon data, RQD and the depth of falling rods. Four core samples from each zone were subjected to water circulation test after being pierced in two different diameter in the center. The mean coefficient of solubility (Kav) was measured and compared with the extent of karstification in each zone and the risk of foundation failure was evaluated.
       Keywords: Tang-e-Sorkh dam, karst, circulation, constant rate of solution, microgravity, sinkhole, Gachsaran formation
    Celebration date : 10 Monday March 2008
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