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To develop applied researches in earth sciences and to support scientific achievements in this field ,Higher Education Developing Council of ministry of Science ,Research and technology agreed with the establishment of research institute for earth Science and 11 March 1994.


  1. considering and recognizing country's various needs in different fields of earth science in the applied forms and optimum utilization of exiting facilities to plan the related researches according to country's necessities by admission of MSc, and ph.D students.
  2. preparing necessary facilities to earth science Research programs to achieve institutes aims.
  3. Establishing scientific and technical database of domestic and foreign valid references and taking acquisitive and regular information about basic research and especially applied programmers from valid research institute of the world
  4. Seriously ,making effort to have cooperation with foreign and Iranian qualified expert and absorbing and employing Iranian qualified alumni.
  5. Making active and constructive communication with other scientific and research institute and societies inside and abroad by carrying out seminars exchanging researches and achieving common research projects in order to access in modern science and technology in the filed related to goals and policies of the institute
  6. preparing necessary facilities to promote initiative and creative power in related fields.
  7. Utilization of the final results of scientific research and developments during all research stages and social developments.